Vocal expression is fundamental in defining our sense of self and connecting to others around us. Imagine you have no voice – how can you be heard?

‘Silence into Song: emergence’ is a culmination of sound, music, and imagery advancing new ways of human expression and revealing nature through technology. It lends a voice to the previously voiceless and showcases the power of survival through live musical performances, large-scale video installations, and workshops.

Members of our choir had radiotherapy and surgery to remove their larynx, sacrificing their voices to save their lives. A novel approach using music helps them reclaim their voices and delivers their song: a message of hope, endurance, and a demand for a focus on much-needed voice technology.

World renowned experimental vocalist, Reeps One, offers innovative ways for the choir to perform and rediscover their voices. He guides us to sing with another inspirational chorus consisting of the sounds of trees that miraculously survived the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima.

Trees are not known for musicality, but using delicate sensors, we captured their individual sounds and 'voices' exactly 75 years after the atomic explosions. Previously silent witnesses to devastation, the trees joined our voiceless choir of cancer survivors, illustrating the paradox of radiation – destroyer and saviour at once.

Using cutting-edge infra-red & thermal cameras, we filmed both groups and exposed what is invisible to the naked eye: the life force within that enabled them to survive. Powerful images of the trees interspersed with the faces of our choir performing reveal the previously unseen in nature and in man.

At the junction of imagery, sound, and song, a fresh creative expression manifests, and that is ‘Emergence’.

We sing to praise the world of science and technology that allows us to observe nature in new ways, to assemble world's first ‘Choir of trees & cancer survivors’, and to make sure an ignored group in our society is finally heard.



© 2020 Reeps100. All Rights Reserved. Site by Aaron Griffiths

©2020Reeps100. All Rights Reserved. Site by Aaron Griffiths