Conceived: Harry Yeff
Developed: Harry Yeff , Zach Walker, Linden Jay
Photography: Ben Hopper

A desire to visualise vocal music inspired me to experiment with audio-
visual work and physical phenomena as early as 2012. Cymatics — the
use of vibration as a medium to move, organise and control matter —
has since constituted a prominent focus in my work.

For the live Cymatic performances Organic Electronic, I utilise my voice
and vocal range as an audio input. With the absence of a digital input,
the exercise creates aesthetics normally associated with computer-
generated renders. I aim for a visual and sonic spectacle of otherworldly,
live analogue art and with each performance I aim to observe a unique
relationship between the organic properties of the voice, and the
symbiosis between vibration and sound. I see Cymatics as a visual
metaphor for the fluidity of thought and speech.


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