"A champion for a new generation of musicians"  - The Economist

Harry Yeff (AKA Reeps One) is an award-winning artist who specialises in voice and tech-based performance. Yeff’s expertise in vocal musicianship and creative direction has generated an online global following, rendering over 100 million views and recognition as a pioneer of experimental vocalism.

In 2018 Yeff completed his third artist residency at Harvard University and acquired the title of ‘Culture Leader’ with the World Economic Forum. 

Yeff produces work spanning disciplines, contexts and media as a response to an ongoing investigation into the evolution of the human voice, art and science. His work explores the fusion of visual and audio cultures, transforming vocal music into visible, physical form through performance, installation, sculpture, photography and film as well as curatorial, directorial and academic projects. Yeff has become one of the most decorated and progressive lateral thinkers in the world of voice and technology.





“I'm not exaggerating when I say working with Reeps One has made me
totally rethink the way we think about speech.” –Professor Sophie Scott,
Deputy Director of the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University
College London.